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  1. What Are High Performance Teams?
  2. How to Build a High-Performance Project Team
  3. High Performance Construction
  4. Leading High Performing Teams
  5. Characteristics of High-Performance Teams

What Are High Performance Teams?

David Rock in This model describes social experiences that affect human behaviors. Everything about the team structure and management must reinforce these critical personal issues for each team member. Team members must trust that the team leader cares for each of them and is critically focused on ensuring their safety and success. Define the behaviors you must showcase daily to reinforce your commitment to them.

How to Build a High-Performance Project Team

Then, commit to demonstrating those behaviors. There may not always be a customer for a project. If there is, you cannot start it if the customer needs are unclear. Whether your initiative is focused on a very specific audience or a more general set of target groups, there are techniques you can employ to create clarity.

Management tutorial: The seven aspects of high-performing teams -

For new product development initiatives aimed at capturing new customers, create detailed customer personas for each type. In situations where the customer cannot be physically present, you could create a proxy—a cutout or a stuffed animal—that occupies a seat in every meeting.

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Everyone on the team should have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The purpose of the charter is to establish leadership, member roles, the project purpose, deliverables, and any other pertinent items the team members must be made aware of. Early in the team formation process, set expectations for interpersonal communication and ensure that you reinforce accountability. Teach them to parse out the emotions, risks, ideas and information issues and tackle each one separately before rushing to judgment.

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For decision-making, help teams understand every big choice from multiple viewpoints frames and teach them to evaluate multiple options for each decision. These skills are not taught in project management programs and are not required as part of their professional certification, yet they are essential for helping a team learn to work together.

High Performance Construction

Coaching is a powerful tool for supporting team performance, and it is often underutilized. You can use external or internal resources for this role, although the coach must be an objective outsider capable of observing and offering frank, behavioral feedback on team performance and effectiveness. The coach is an invaluable resource in helping observe and identify breakdowns in the discussion and decision-making processes outlined previously.

Leverage the coach to challenge assumptions and be on the lookout for various group biases including group-think. Great project leaders work hard on behalf of their team members to ensure that they can focus and do their best work.

As a project leader, this means you may have to engage in organizational politics with other project and functional leaders to negotiate on behalf of your team members. Your advocacy and ability to offer reciprocal support to other project leaders for their resource needs will prove critical in short-term team performance and your long-term success.

If you spend time observing and working with project teams that struggle, you'll notice many areas where communication breaks down and performance suffers. Much of the time, these five common issues emerge. Most of our courses are practical based workshops which focus on activities, exercises and interactive sessions which include activities that address the challenges faced by the participants in their day to day work environment, activities that should assess their strengths and weaknesses etc.

Learning will be enhanced through active involvement in exercises followed by review. Opportunities for self-assessment will be provided and feedback on individual and group performance will be encouraged.

Leading High Performing Teams

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Characteristics of High-Performance Teams

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