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In order to live a profoundly significant life, we have to share these gifts with others. Paradoxically, in sharing these gifts with others, we ultimately bestow them on ourselves and unexpectedly discover a life infused with true significance and lasting fulfillment. If you want happiness for a day—go on a shopping spree. If you want happiness for a month—go on a honeymoon.

If you want happiness for year—inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime—help someone else. If you want eternal happiness— Know Yourself!

Rob McKenna - Holistic Leadership Development: Seeing and Preparing Leaders for the Journey Ahead

You make living by what you get; you make life by what you give. This book takes as axiomatic that Self-Knowledge is the key to lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Ramana Maharshi: The Self is the real book.

Anchored in Self-Knowledge, fulfillment becomes more a matter of inner transformation than fixing outer conditions; more a matter of being than having; more a matter of belonging than belongings. It primarily draws upon two timeless streams of thought, Vedanta and Buddhist psychology. Presenting simple processes that bring lasting fulfillment in all aspects of life, this book underscores the vital difference between success and significance.

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Through stories, anecdotes, and powerful quotes, the guide shows that the key to abiding fulfillment lies in changing engrained mental models rather than fixing the outer environment. Become the Gift You Are! The Universe is full of self-help books. A lot of books tell you what you must do to change your conditions.

This book plants you in the present, and then pauses while you take a look around. From there it reminds you of your gifts. You begin your process of rediscovery and remembering at a deep level, then bring to the surface your special gifts. Magic happens when you share your gifts with others.

I suggest you buy three copies. One for yourself and two for friends, then ask each person you have given a book to, once they have read the book, to either buy two more books for their friends or give the original back to you.

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This is an important book and one of the few that can really change your life for good. I not only enjoyed reading this book — it is not overstated when I say it changed my life significantly and gave me guidance to a more meaningful life…. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to change my view of the world in this way. It is a great book that I already have and further will recommend to many people.

I stumbled upon this wonderful book whilst at my local library. This book was an absolute joy to read! Dhiman is thoughtful , well-read and has synthesized the writings of countless writers, leaders, poets and philosophers in an extremely coherent and satisfying way. Dhiman points to the need for leaders and those who are hungry for success to examine themselves and their own motivations, and realize that success in its material form alone does not fully satisfy any person and can in fact lead to a sense of misery and emptiness.

Leading Spiritually reviews workplace spirituality from revered streams such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, but also from a stance of personal reflection, self-leadership, and powerful interpersonal relationships. Over the course of ten chapters, a team of expert authors address concepts such as interconnectedness, morality, trust, collaboration, insight, communication, self-realization, evolution, gratitude, and wisdom. Each chapter highlights key elements of meaningful, constructive performance from a different angle, contributing to a multi-faceted view of spiritual performance.

Specific attention has been allotted to an effective balance between theory and practice, making this work appealing for scholars, students, and practitioners.

Holistic Leadership : A New Paradigm for Today's Leaders - rierecalan.tk

Managing the 21st Century: Exercises for Spiritual Growth. Personhood Press, USA— Dhiman, S. Routledge Companion to Mindfulness at Work. Routledge, UK, Dhiman, S. Editor-in-Chief , Roberts, G. Holistic leadership : a new paradigm for today's leaders.

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Dhiman, Satinder. Introduction: On Becoming a Holistic Leader -- 2. Self-Motivation: Motivating the Whole Person -- 3. Self-Mastery: Mastering the "Me" in Leadership -- 4. This book suggests that the solution to the current leadership crisis lies in leaders' self-cultivation process, emanating from their deepest values and culminating in their contribution to the common good.